Gesshin-in Temple Tea Ceremony Experience

Gesshin-in Temple was founded in 1617 and the building, having escaped fire, is the original.
The view from Hojo (the abbot's chamber) and the garden includes the famous Yasaka Pagoda (the pagoda of Hokanji Temple built 450 years ago) which gives you a feeling of by-gone days.
The pond in the garden is believed to be the ruins of the pond of Ungoji Temple (about 1200 years ago).
The temple is only open to the general public, by reservation. The whole temple can be reserved even for individuals or small groups.
You can experience the tea ceremony which is an aesthetic ideal of Japanese culture and Za-Zen which is the spiritual foundation of Japanese culture. The room for the Tea ceremony and Za-Zen can cater for up to 40 people.

Gesshin-in temple is located on Nene-no-michi Street. You can see the Yasaka Pagoda from the garden.

Greeting at the tea ceremony.
When the tea ceremony starts, sweets will be provided.
The sweets shouldn't be touched until the teacher gives you the instruction.
Everyone is paying attention to the teacher's hands. The silent atmosphere is electric.

Eating the sweets. The steamed sweets can be picked up with your fingers. When the teacher finishes making the tea, it will be served to everyone.

The teacher will explain how to drink it in the proper manner.
When the guide repeats the explanations to everyone, people start to relax.
Everyone is enjoying the taste of tea. Some people may find Japanese tea a little bitter but they usually finish it after hearing that it is very good for your health.

After everyone finishes drinking, two volunteers come to the front and they are instructed on how to make tea.
Making tea with the teacher's explanation and serving it in the proper manner to someone in your group.
Everyone is paying attention and having a relaxing moment.
In this picture, the chairs called Ryurei are used and visitors from overseas can enjoy the tea ceremony without worrying about leg pain.

Ryurei for 5 to 15 people. Ryurei for 16 to 30 people. Ryurei for 30 to 40 people.

The walls of the room can be adjusted according to the number of the people.
The room can take up to 40 people.

You can also experience the tea ceremony sitting on Tatami mats.
Up to 10 people (photo left).
From 10 to 20 people (photos middle and right). You shouldn't stretch your legs even when they hurt.

You can request a combination of Ryurei seating and sitting directly on the Tatami mats.

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